our methods

We pair what we have learned with a commitment to learning more everyday about what makes successful players successful. The result is a type of training that will yield long lasting and continuous improvement.

You can observe a lot just by watching
— Yogi Berra

Our camps are formatted into four components. The first portion prepares the mind and body to perform. Next, we move on to the first on-ice session, which hones in on skating development; such as, edge work and maximizing skating efficiency. The second on-ice portion is dedicated to puck handling, control, and comfortability. The last part of the on-ice session focuses on implementing the above elements into game-like situations.

Our team is dedicated to continuously creating innovative drills that are unique to each coach's experience and extremely beneficial to improving players on-ice performance.

off-ice (1).png

Active Warm Up

In order to build your value as a player, it is vital to have a regimented pre-skate routine that will prepare your mind & body to execute at a high level.


Edge Work

Coaches will run players through drills at the beginning of the on-ice session that will get players more comfortable on their edges. As the week progresses, we will advance into some evasive skating moves which are great for both defenseman and forwards.

Puck Handling (1).png

Puck Handling

During the puck handling sessions we will be going through some drills that are built for forwards as well as defenseman. One example of a skill that we would emulate in a drill is handling the puck in your skates, getting it to your stick and either making a pass or shooting.


Game Situations

During the third part of the on-ice session, we will play some small area games to work on implementing the above skills into game-like situations. It’s a nice way of wrapping up the session, allowing players to get more comfortable in the game as well as build confidence and have some fun.